A bar offered Packers fans free drinks if the Jets lost, and it all went horribly wrong

A Wisconsin bar was the site for one of the greatest stories to come out of Week 1 in the NFL. Hundreds of Packers fans packed Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee for a promotion that offered free drinks if the Jets lost. It was supposed to be a good riddance to Aaron Rodgers — then things wen’t horribly wrong.

Cheers erupted at the bar when Rodgers was injured in the first quarter, not so much out of spite but the realization their bar tabs were all but free. People began to run up their tabs to the max, binging in the assumed Jets’ mediocrity, a reality which never came. Local news was in the bar when the Jets came back, and captured the emotion when everyone realized their overblown bar tabs were due.

What have we said about celebrating early? YOU NEVER CELEBRATE EARLY! It doesn’t matter if you’re on the way for a walk-off touchdown, screaming after the first home run, or you’re convinced Zach Wilson sucks so bad that there’s no way New York could win. You NEVER celebrate early.

A lot of wallets are lighter in Wisconsin today, and this moment was the catalyst for it all. Football is such a beautiful game.

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