Anomaly Games joins Google for Startups Cloud Program

Web3 startup Anomaly Games has joined the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

The startup also recently announced an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round with $1.45 million. Decasonic was the lead investor, with participation from Shima Capital, Break Orbit and more.

In addition to Google Cloud credits, Anomaly also has access to developer-friendly technology, resources, and even more AI-focused benefits that help the team build easily.

Anomaly is an AI gaming studio and Layer 3 blockchain innovator poised to merge Web3 with SocialFi and use AI to create immersive experiences. Anomaly is creating a Layer 3 AI gaming app chain powered by Arbitrum Orbit and built on Gelato RaaS. The company streamlines blockchain gaming UX with account abstraction, enabling easy user onboarding through social platforms.

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Anomaly said it stands out with its AI-powered SDK, which enables rapid creation and deployment of mini-games across social platforms. Underneath, the SDK enables enhanced functions like AI-driven match-making, decision-making, player model training, and automated quest creation—all of which aim to reduce developer time, address the cost challenges of AI integrations, and significantly improve user engagement/experience within its ecosystem.

The Anomaly platform also allows developers to create their own mini-games and rapidly deploy them on social media platforms such as Telegram and Discord, which the company states is a “new benchmark in interactive gaming.”

By collaborating with Google Cloud through the Google for Startups Program Anomaly has utilized Google Cloud Storage for its web-based experiences fronted by Global Load Balancers. This enhancement allows the company to scale their experiences efficiently and securely.

“In the realm of Web3, artificial intelligence relies significantly on data; without it, Al cannot function, this is why we’re thrilled to be expanding our relationship with Google Cloud through the Google for Startups Cloud Program,” said Long Do, CEO of Anomaly, in a statement.

“Working with Google for Startups Cloud Program will help us reduce deployment lead times and drive significant innovation with Al for Web3,” said Long.

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