Artcore flooring by Modulyss

Dezeen Showroom: Belgian flooring brand Modulyss has introduced the Artcore carpet tile created by designer Joris Peutz, which has a gradient effect reminiscent of transitions in nature.

Artcore is informed by natural transitions such as the way a forest turns into a meadow and the city gives way to country — patterns that Peutz says “quiet the mind” and “create a sort of sanctuary”.

Artcore flooring by ModulyssArtcore flooring by Modulyss
The Artcore carpet tile can be used to create a gradient effect

The intention is to harness the power of the natural world to inspire, uplift and nourish the heart and mind, while reflecting the beauty of nature’s own smooth and purposeful transitions,” said Peutz.

Peutz’s explorations yielded four designs – the raw-patterned Core tile, the cellular-like Mezzo, the urban-inspired Litho and the woven-looking Etch.

Artcore flooring by ModulyssArtcore flooring by Modulyss
The Etch pattern recalls woven textiles

The Core tile can be transitioned into any other style through the use of a gradient tile, creating a wide range of effects and helping to shape the interior landscape.

Made from 100 per cent Econyl recycled yarn with PVC- and bitumen-free backing, the Artcore tiles are designed for the circular economy and Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold.

Product: Artcore
Designer: Joris Peutz
Brand: Modulyss
Contact: [email protected]

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