Bojan Bogdanović left 1-star review on Pistons’ owner’s business after trade

Tom Gores became a billionaire by founding Platinum Equity. In 2011, he used his fortune to buy the Detroit Pistons. The Flint, MI native and Michigan State grad was hailed as a savior for ending a drawn-out sale by former owner Karen Davidson, but unfortunately results haven’t followed. Since Gores bought the team, the Pistons have the worst record in the NBA at 368-639 overall.

Gores has poured money into the Pistons several times, but nothing has worked. Trading for Blake Griffin didn’t change the team’s fortunes, and hiring Monty Williams to a record coaching deal has been a disaster so far. The Pistons are the worst team in the NBA once again this season, and that led to the team trading veteran forward Bojan Bogdanović at the trade deadline. Apparently he wasn’t too happy about it.

Bogdanović reportedly left a one-star review on Platinum Equity after the trade.

Bogdanović hit Gores where it hurts: his business reviews. It’s really just a shock someone enjoyed playing for the Pistons so much that they’re mad about being traded. In fairness, Bogdanović has had a much smaller role with the New York Knicks since being dealt.

Bogdanović has left 10 other reviews, but you can’t read them unless you find the businesses. Who wants to help me sleuth? Are all his reviews this petty? The NBA world needs to know.

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