Caitlin Clark addresses creepy question from reporter at WNBA Fever introduction

Caitlin Clark’s iconic college career with the Iowa Hawkeyes is over, her WNBA career with the Indiana Fever is just beginning, and people are already being weird about it.

Two days after being selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft by the Fever, Clark was introduced by her new team for the first time. This should have been a celebratory event free from bad vibes, but unfortunately Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel couldn’t help himself.

Doyel went viral for a terribly awkward exchange with Clark at her introductory press conference. It started with Doyel making the “hands heart” at Clark — a gesture she made to her family and young fans throughout her college career — and then it got creepy and inappropriate from there. Attention men covering women’s sports: here’s how not to act. Watch the viral clip of Doyel talking to Clark here:

Did anyone else physically cringe while watching that? The crowd reaction in the media room only made it worse. How does anyone think this is okay?

Doyel issued an apology later in the day:

Here’s a small sampling of the reaction on Twitter.

Clark is a joy to watch, but let’s please all be normal about her. This is no way to start her WNBA career.

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