Celsius Cooking system by Asko

Dezeen Showroom: smart accessories ensure optimal temperatures and heating times with the Celsius Cooking hob system designed by Swedish brand Asko.

Asko’s Celsius Cooking system is based around premium induction hobs, which include the option of an integrated extractor fan and smart accessories that enable users to unlock the full potential of the system.

Celsius Cooking system by AskoCelsius Cooking system by Asko
Asko’s Celsius Cooking system is based around an induction hob

The add-ons include a smart pan, pot and a thermometer, all of which communicate with each other via Bluetooth and work to ensure that food on the hob is cooked at the right heat for the optimal time.

There is also a companion Celsius Cooking website that offers step-by-step recipes designed to take advantage of this precise temperature control.

Celsius Cooking system by AskoCelsius Cooking system by Asko
The system contains an hob that can be used in conjunction with other smart devices

According to Asko, the Celsius Cooking system is designed to “look stunning and perform beautifully”, with durable electronic parts, an intuitive interface and functionality including automatic pot detection.

The system is available in a variety of dimensions and cooking zone configurations, allowing it to be installed and utilised in a wide range of kitchens.

Product details:

Product: Celsius Cooking System
Brand: Asko
Contact: [email protected]

Colours/finishes: high-shine or matt black

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