Clippers-Suns just gave us one of the most lopsided quarters of basketball ever

Every game matters right now for the Phoenix Suns, who had a 46-32 record entering play on Tuesday night, barely hanging on to sixth place in the West and the ensuing spot just outside of the NBA play-in tournament that seeding would grant them.

Anyone watching the start of their game against the LA Clippers would have been forgiven for not realizing those stakes, however, as Phoenix was outscored 35-4 over the first 11 minutes of the game before rallying to finish the frame trailing “only” 37-10.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the day after a total solar eclipse, the Suns came out looking like Charles Barkley after losing his powers in “Space Jam.”

The NBA record for lowest-scoring first quarter is held by the 2002 Denver Nuggets, who scored just three to open a game. The lowest-scoring quarter ever is just two points, a tie between the 1997 Dallas Mavericks and 2004 Golden State Warriors.

The Suns narrowly avoided those ignominious distinctions… but have to now hold the anecdotal and unofficial record for worst quarter ever managed by a team with stakes:

For more context, the only team the Clippers have ever outscored by more in a first quarter? The Process Sixers:

Making matters even funnier or sadder, depending on how one looks at it: It was Fan Appreciation Night in Phoenix.

I’m sure those in attendance felt the love from their favorite basketball team! Their fans online certainly did:

From the Clippers’ side of things, the first quarter on Tuesday extended a solid stretch of dominance for them as the postseason approaches, as despite missing both James Harden and Kawhi Leonard, they had outscored their opponents by nearly 60 points in their last half an hour of basketball entering the second quarter:

As of halftime, the Suns have cut the deficit… to 64-31. Don’t call it a comeback.

No, seriously, don’t. They’re still down 33.

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