Deion Sanders clapped back at Jay Norvell in the most Coach Prime way possible

Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell took a shot at in-state rival Deion Sanders when he made a comment about Coach Prime’s propensity to wear sunglasses.

Deion Sanders, ever the master of marketing, didn’t miss a chance to take this to another level (one where there’s money to be made). On Friday morning the Colorado head coach executed a masterful play to get his new sunglasses a whole lot of attention.

It began with a meeting with his players where they all got a pair.

Everyone on the team rocked a pair of Deion’s new Blenders, and then we was off to First Take to continue the trend — giving everyone on the set a pair of their own too.

Colorado are rolling after a 2-0 start, making Sanders’ team the talk of the country. A lot of people love the swagger he’s bringing to the game, and an equal amount of people hate it — but whatever you think, the man has made the school a talking point in a way they’ve never been before.

Now he’s turning typical message board banter into a genius way to make sure as many Colorado fans rock his sunglasses as possible this season. He’s turned a fashion accessory into a statement, one about being yourself, not apologizing, and being ready to kick some ass.

Colorado by 50.

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