e.l.f. Beauty launches “your best e.l.f.” for Apple Vision Pro

e.l.f. Beauty launches your best e.l.f. for Apple Vision Pro

Immersive shopping platform and visionOS developer Obsess has partnered with e.l.f. Beauty to launch “your best e.l.f.,” one of the first digital beauty shopping experiences exclusive to the new Apple Vision Pro device. The Apple Vision Pro, a spatial wearable computer that integrates digital content with the user’s physical surroundings, was announced last month and released earlier this week.

“your best e.l.f.”

“The idea behind ‘your best e.l.f.’ was to bring the brand’s storytelling and personality to a new set of customers through Apple Vision Pro,” Neha Singh, Founder and CEO of Obsess shared with CosmeticsDesign. “This first-of-its-kind experience is pivotal for the beauty industry,” she explained, “providing users with a unique sensory shopping immersion complete with gamification and hyper-realistic products.”

The visionOS app is specifically designed for the Apple Vision Pro’s unique interface, which is described on Apple’s website as the company’s “first 3D camera” with the ability to “transform any room into your own personal theater” and “seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space.”

“your best e.l.f.” takes full advantage of the device’s spatial computing functionality, and the digital experience “encourages users to unwind and explore the best versions of themselves through playful, inspirational environments that contextualize an assortment of 3D e.l.f. products” shared a press release​ announcing the launch.

The app is linked to Apple Pay for a streamlined beauty product shopping experience, and offers interactive activities including guided mediations, games, and even stretching exercises designed to encourage users to become their “best e.l.f.”

The app offers users access to three digital environments: Camo Cove, Big Mood, and Halo Glow, each inspired by e.l.f. Beauty products that can be purchased within the app itself.

Rising consumer demand for digital beauty experiences

“your best e.l.f.” is not the brand’s first foray into the digital beauty space. As previously reported​ by CosmeticsDesign, the brand launched e.l.f. UP!, its first virtual experience on online gaming platform and game creation system Roblox late last year. Like “your best e.l.f.”, e.l.f.UP! features different digital experiences that are inspired by some of the brand’s hero products, with Big Mood making an appearance on both virtual immersive digital experiences.

While the purpose of e.l.f UP! is to encourage users to become their own virtual entrepreneurs, “your best e.l.f.” instead offers e.l.f. Beauty fans with the opportunity to engage with a “game-changing beauty experience that welcomes users to relax, de-stress and focus on being their best self,” said Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer, e.l.f. Beauty in a press release announcing the launch.

As digital brand experience company Revieve reported​ last year, the number of consumers gravitating towards immersive digital beauty experiences is growing rapidly, and while “the report demonstrates that female users engage more (77%) with AI skin analysis solutions compared to male users (69%)…both groups drive almost an equal number of purchase actions in digital skincare experiences (26% and 21%, respectively).”

e.l.f. Beauty’s offerings of immersive and interactive digital beauty experiences, therefore, are designed to meet this rising consumer demand. “We know that emotional connection plays a large role in consumer decision-making, and that’s the intention behind the e.l.f. app for Apple Vision Pro,” said Singh in a press release announcing the launch. Therefore, “offering users an entirely new way to engage with the brand, the app paves the way for a new era of spatial shopping and immersive storytelling for beauty,” she concluded.

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