Edgewell Personal Care showcases notable progress in 2023 Sustainability Report

Edgewell Personal Care showcases notable progress in 2023 Sustainability Report

Edgewell Personal Care Company, whose brand portfolio includes Schick, Billie, Playtex, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Bulldog, Jack Black, and Cremo, has released its fiscal 2023 Sustainability Report detailing its sustainability efforts. The report highlights significant advancements in reducing environmental impact, enhancing product innovation, and fostering community engagement.

The report underscores the company’s commitment to its Sustainable Care 2030 strategy, which aims to balance business growth with environmental and societal stewardship. “With the launch of this year’s report, I continue to have an optimistic outlook on our company’s growth strategy and sustainability journey,” stated Rod Little, CEO of Edgewell Personal Care, in the company’s press release.

Amy Knight, Edgewell Personal Care Vice President of Global Sustainability, also told CosmeticsDesign, “We are immensely proud to showcase our continued commitment to our sustainability journey, [and] in 2023, we achieved significant milestones in working towards our Sustainable Care 2030 commitments.”

About the report

Among the notable achievements detailed in the report, Edgewell successfully reduced virgin petroleum-based plastic in its razor and blade packaging by 55.8% compared to the FY19 baseline, surpassing its initial 50% reduction goal ahead of schedule. Additionally, the company achieved a 22.9% reduction in virgin petroleum-based plastic in disposable razor handles.

These efforts are part of Edgewell’s broader initiative to minimize its environmental footprint through sustainable packaging practices.

Edgewell also reported significant progress in its use of sustainable materials. It “reported using 85.9% recycled and/or responsibly sourced fiber for fiber- and paper-based packaging across our product portfolio, underscoring our dedication to driving packaging sustainability across our portfolio,” said Knight. The company further committed to sustainable sourcing by using 100% certified sustainable palm oil directly and through credits.

Energy conservation and emissions reduction were other critical areas of focus. The company reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 23.5% (Scope 1 and 2), and “we’ve achieved an 11.3% decrease in energy usage compared to our 10% reduction goal against our FY19 baseline,” Knight shared. Water conservation efforts also saw success, with Edgewell meeting its 5% reduction goal by 2030 ahead of schedule and achieving a 5.2% reduction.

In addition to environmental achievements, Edgewell demonstrated a solid commitment to community support, donating approximately $1.5 million through charitable giving and fostering a positive internal culture with 45,250 recognition moments awarded to teammates.

“We understand the need to innovate for a better future and we believe these accomplishments, amongst others, demonstrate our progress toward doing just that,” Knight explained. Further, she added, “we also recognize the importance of our impact on our teammates and local communities,” and as a result, “this year, we were named as the #2 company amongst Forbes America’s Best Midsize Employers in 2024 which reaffirms our commitment to fostering a workplace where living our values is imperative and essential to the company’s success.”

Industry impact

In the company’s press release, Little emphasized the importance of these initiatives, stating, “Sustainability is one of the most important topics facing our global future and equally important is the vibrant culture and people that make up our organization.” Knight echoed this sentiment, noting in the company’s press statement that she is “so proud to see how engaged our teammates are in pushing our Sustainable Care 2030 strategy onward, collectively delivering progress against our goals, ambitions, and vision.”

Edgewell’s product and packaging innovation also saw advancements, particularly with the Banana Boat brand’s introduction of the 360 Coverage Sunscreen Mist. This new product features a reusable sprayer and refill bottles made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, showcasing Edgewell’s commitment to sustainable product development.

“Looking forward,” Knight concluded, “I’m optimistic that we will continue to make strides toward our sustainability goals and commitments, throughout the company.”

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