Elevating Wellness In NYC: The New Therabody Reset Experience

In a world where wellness and technology are just beginning to converge, Therabody stands at the forefront. Its innovative wellness technologies have garnered international popularity, most notably the Theragun. Over the past few years, it’s also brought those products to customers through services in both retail and Reset locations. While retail stores provide various innovative wellness technologies for at-home use, Reset locations focus on delivering curated services that utilize Therabody’s products for a comprehensive wellness experience. This dual approach ensures that customers can access Therabody’s cutting-edge technologies for personal use or through tailored, in-person services.

There are now six Reset locations across the US, with the most recent opening in NYC this past week in Midtown West near Hudson Yards. “Our mission is to empower every body to live better, longer, healthier lives by creating innovative wellness technologies. Reset is how we help give people access to the best wellness tech in the market to help with their pain, recovery, stress, and immunity,” shared Benjamin Nazarian, cofounder, executive chairman and chief strategy officer of Therabody.

Tailored Wellness for the Big Apple

New York City is a dynamic hub known for its fast-paced lifestyle and a population that values health and wellness. Recognizing this, Therabody chose to make Reset New York their flagship location, offering a comprehensive range of services available at all other Reset locations nationally.

“We consider Reset New York our flagship location, offering all the services we provide throughout all other Resets nationally. The Manhattan West location boasts our largest footprint to date. It includes Contrast Therapy, which customers have expressed a strong desire for and will eventually roll out at our other locations. New Yorkers are focused on health and wellness, and we believe their fast-paced city lifestyles can especially benefit from the technologies offered at Reset,” shared Nazarian.

The most unique feature of the new NYC location is that it offers all services, while most Reset locations only offer a select few. Many services integrate Therabody products, including the massage and stretch with the Theragun and RecoveryAir Jet Boots and TheraFace Mask during IV sessions. However, others exclude Therabody products, like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, and cryotherapy.

Therabody’s dedicated team assists in crafting personalized therapeutic plans tailored to individual goals. The beauty of Reset’s therapies lies in their adaptability; they can be combined in various ways to suit diverse needs and lifestyles. “We want to be sure people can make the most of these modalities in whatever time they have. So, whether someone wants to pop in during lunch for a singular 30-minute treatment or spend the entire afternoon using multiple modalities, they’ll leave Reset less sore or stressed, more relaxed, and maybe even better grounded,” added Nazarian.

Shaping The Future Of Wellness

As the wellness industry continues to surge, Therabody stands as a beacon of innovation, but they are far from the only technology-focused wellness company. And many are seeing the demand for a physical presence. Competitors like ŌURA, known for its smart ring delivering personalized health insights, recently announced a significant retail partnership with Best Buy, making their Heritage and Horizon styles available at over 850 Best Buy stores nationwide and online.

Additionally, other wellness companies are making noteworthy strides. HeyDay, specializing in facials, is rapidly expanding with numerous locations across the US. Meanwhile, industry giant Lululemon redefines the retail experience by incorporating classes into their stores. A prime example is their 20,000-square-foot store in Chicago, which features multiple yoga studios, a meditation space, a juice bar offering nourishing food options, and areas designed for community gatherings. The brand also recently announced a partnership with Peloton, which involves providing Peloton classes to users of its membership program.

Emma Spagnuolo, a prior Partner at McKinsey, shared in the company’s The Future of Wellness report, “By 2030, I think we’ll see a completely different store experience. It’s about capturing that concept of discovery, whether through services, classes, or just a curated, exciting, and gamified experience that brings the consumer in.” The future of wellness will be driven by the physical experience and how wellness brands can bring those products to life; this is just the beginning of that trend.

However, for now, Therabody appears to be an anomaly in activating wellness technology through physical retail services. It continues to lead the charge with its sights set on further expansion. While New York remains a focal point, the brand is also exploring opportunities on the East Coast and beyond. The goal is clear: to make breakthrough technologies accessible to consumers, enabling them to embark on journeys towards better health and well-being.

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