Far Right Media Clash: The Ben Shapiro And Candace Owens Blowup Explained


Infighting at conservative media outlet “The Daily Wire” went public this week as the company’s co-founder Ben Shapiro and show host Candace Owens traded escalating personal insults over differing views on the Israel-Hamas war, with Shapiro encouraging her to quit, and Owens responding by calling him “emotionally unhinged.”

Key Facts

The beef between the two pundits unfolded this week after Shapiro, a forceful supporter of Israel, was filmed calling Owens “disgraceful” for her “faux sophistication” on the conflict.

Conservatives have previously criticized Owens for her statements, including a post on X in which she said “no government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide,” though she clarified she did not mention Israel or any other country.

Owens posted a series of Bible verses Wednesday, including that “you cannot serve both God and money.”

Shapiro responded in a post liked 26,000 times, telling her that if “taking money from The Daily Wire somehow comes between you and God, by all means quit.”

Minutes later, Owens, accused Shapiro of “acting unprofessional and emotionally unhinged for weeks now,” and called him “utterly out of line for suggesting that I cannot quote biblical scripture,” garnering more than 50,000 likes on both posts.

Owens also appeared on the latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, which premiered on Wednesday, where she called Shapiro’s comments “ad-hominem attacks” that she couldn’t respond to “on a level of intellect.”

Key Background

Owens previously she rushed to her friend Kanye West’s defense after he made a widely criticized post in October 2022 stating he would “go death con 3 on Jewish people.” Owens stated, “if you are an honest person, you did not think this tweet was antisemitic.” She posted on the right-wing social media outlet Parler that anyone comparing West to Adolf Hitler “should no longer be taken seriously.” Owens has her own history of making comments that appear to support Hitler. When asked about globalism and nationalism at a panel in December 2018, Owens affirmed her support for nationalism and condemned how Americans link nationalism with Hitler, stating: “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.” Owens defended her comments following criticism but clarified she was making a distinction between Hitler and nationalism, adding he was a “homicidal, psychotic maniac” and a “mass murderer.”

Chief Critics

Other prominent conservative media personalities have weighed in on the feud, including pundit Charlie Kirk, who said he is “genuinely confused why asking questions and quoting Bible verses about peace warrants a call to resign” and urged more room for disagreement. “The Blaze” host Lauren Chen defended Owens in a response to Shapiro’s post, stating Owens has been “perfectly respectful and consistent in her commentary,” which Chen considers “anti-war and America First.” Conservative pundit Dave Rubin, however, criticized Owens as being “bizarrely silent about the Hamas atrocities” and questioned some of her posts directed at Shapiro, stating Shapiro had never said she cannot quote scripture.


Owens said on Carlson’s show she and Shapiro have repeatedly disagreed on a number of issues, including the Covid-19 vaccine and the Ukraine-Russia war, but no disagreements between the two have previously risen to the level of a public spat. Owens, previously known for her outspoken pro-Donald Trump activism, joined The Daily Wire in 2021, six years after Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing co-founded the media organization.

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