Five key projects by artist and Dezeen Awards judge Pilar Zeta

Argentinian artist Pilar Zeta has joined Dezeen Awards 2024 as a judge. Here, she selects five projects that best reflect her work.

Zeta, who is based in Mexico City, describes herself as a multifaceted artist who works across digital and physical mediums.

I started as a self-taught graphic designer then transitioned into art and creative direction, while always creating digital art and crafting sculptural and architectural designs”, Zeta told Dezeen.

Zeta finds inspiration in combining metaphysical concepts with built form, she said.

I like mixing elements of quantum physics, symbolism, mysticism and surrealism with architectural aesthetics,” she explained.

“I feel connected when constructing surreal spaces, especially portals, inviting people to connect with their higher selves and explore the infinite possibilities within the subconscious mind.”

The Buenos Aires-born artist is currently art directing an album for music group Coldplay, following her nomination for a Grammy award in 2021 for her work as art director for their album Everyday Life.

Zeta also has ongoing projects in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is also developing a line of chess sets.

Zeta among Dezeen Awards 2024 judges

Dezeen Awards 2024 has launched in partnership with Bentley. This week we announced our eighth set of Dezeen Awards judges, including product designer Jasper Morrison, interior designer Beata Heuman, Studio Kër founder Michael Bennett and architects Shimul Javeri Kadri and Carolina Maluhy.

The entry deadline for Dezeen Awards 2024 is 30 May. Submit your projects by then to avoid late entry fees.

Read on to find Zeta’s views on the five projects that best reflect her work:

dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta hall of visions sqdezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta hall of visions sq

Hall of Visions, Faena Art for Miami Art Week, 2021

“My first large-scale installation, called Hall of Visions, was exhibited during Miami Art Week 2021 at Faena Arts.

“It was an exhilarating experience to see my digital renders come to life in a massive 20 x 7 metre installation. This piece was very special to me, especially after creating so much art during the pandemic.

“To add to the excitement, [Indian-American author] Deepak Chopra conducted a meditation on the installation, which made it even more meaningful to me since I have been doing his meditations before creating the artwork.”

dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta mirror gate sq 1dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta mirror gate sq 1

Mirror Gate, Pyramids of Giza for Art D’ Egypte, 2023

“The opportunity to create Mirror Gate at the Pyramids of Giza for Art D’Egypte Forever is Now exhibition was a dream come true. My lifelong fascination with ancient Egypt, especially the enigma surrounding the pyramids, finally came to life.

“To me, these portals symbolize crossing into new realities on a subconscious level. Egypt has been a big inspiration for me since childhood.

“The piece was made of limestone, which is the same stone the pyramids were built with. The whole experience was surreal. Now I’m left wondering, what’s next?”

dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta doors of perception sqdezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta doors of perception sq

Doors of Perception, Galerie Philia for Zona Maco Mexico, 2023

“During Zona Maco 2023, I showcased an installation named Doors of Perception at Galerie Philia. The installation was made entirely of marble and weighed approximately 16 tons.

“This was my first time working on such a large-scale piece with this material, and it proved to be a perfect introduction to the Mexican design scene after my recent move.

“The installation featured large-scale sculptures placed between each portal, which added depth and invited contemplation on the concept of perception.”

Read more about Doors of Perception ›

dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta everyday life sqdezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta everyday life sq

Coldplay album art, 2015 to 2024

“It’s been almost 10 years as Coldplay’s artistic director. I’ve designed their last four albums, one unreleased, which were then translated into their live shows.

“This is always an amazing collaboration because it helps me ditch my ego and work with incredible artists to create something new. Working with Coldplay has greatly influenced my career as a graphic designer and art director.

“It’s demanding but pushes me to break free from my artist identity and work in a more professional, yet still fun environment. We’re already working on the next one!”

dezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta temple of selfdezeen awards 2024 judge pilar zeta temple of self

Temple of Self, Mexico City, 2024

“Since moving to Mexico I have been designing every piece of furniture in my house, along with art, tapestries, sculptures and paintings. I always envisioned my home as my art studio because I believe art can be expressed through our daily habits – the house feels like an extension of my brain.

“Opening it up to people felt super personal and a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was a challenge I embraced. The architecture is amazing, so I decided to showcase an exhibition curated by my friend Gaia Matisse. Her external point of view added another layer to this personal space.”

Designers of the Year nominations open

Last week we launched our public nomination for the Designers of the Year awards at Dezeen Awards 2024. Public nomination is new for this year, and we are asking readers to put forward designers for consideration, which will then be shortlisted by Dezeen’s editorial team.

The nomination will be open from today until Wednesday 1 May. You can submit nominations using this voting form.

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Dezeen Awards 2024 in partnership with Bentley

Dezeen Awards is the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The seventh edition of the annual awards programme is in partnership with Bentley as part of a wider collaboration to inspire, support and champion design excellence and showcase innovation that creates a better and more sustainable world. This ambition complements Bentley’s architecture and design business initiatives, including the Bentley Home range of furnishings and real estate projects around the world.

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