Geno Smith screamed hilarious reaction as Aaron Donald busts through line to hit him

Playing quarterback in the NFL is a dangerous job. After all, some of the world’s most explosive athletes are chasing you on every single play, looking to cause you bodily harm.

One of the best at that in the league? Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. There might be no scarier sight for a modern NFL quarterback than the sight of Donald bearing down on you.

It is a sight that strikes fear in the hearts of the the NFL’s bravest passers.

Unfortunately for Seattle Seahawks passer Geno Smith, he has to face Donald and the Rams twice each season. His first meeting with Donald for the 2023 campaign came in Week 1, and late in the second quarter Donald got a free run at the quarterback.

And Smith reacted about as well as one might expect. Note, you’ll want to have the volume turned up for this:

Frankly, “oh my God” is the bare minimum the sight of Donald coming unblocked thanks to an interior twist should elicit from a quarterback. Let’s just say if that were me back there, the first thing you would hear would not be suitable for a family website.

Shortly followed by the quickest turtle reaction you’ve ever seen from a quarterback.

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