Gwyneth Paltrow’s bizarre ski lawsuit is becoming a musical

Spring of 2023 gifted us one of the funniest sports-legal crossovers of all time when Gwyneth Paltrow was unsuccessfully sued for $300,000 for bodying a 76-year-old man on the ski slopes of Park City, Utah.

Ultimately the case was a failure, with Paltrow winning a counter-suit for $1 to clear her name. We’ll always have the memories though, like this courtroom example of how Paltrow plowed into the man.

Now “Gwyneth Goes Skiing” is being turned into a musical in London by “Awkward Productions,” known for their sardonic portrayals of events in musical form. It’s being produced for a 10-day run in London, with audience members serving as the jury for the trial.

The description of the musical is pretty darn magical.

“She’s the Goop-founding, Door-Sliding, Shakespeare-In-Loving, consciously-uncoupling Hollywood superstar. He’s a retired Optometrist from Utah. In 2016, they went skiing,” reads the logline for “Gwyneth Goes Skiing.” “On the slopes of Deer Valley, their worlds collided, and so did they – literally. Ouch. Seven years later in 2023, they went to court. Double ouch. This is their story. Kind of. Not really. But also, it’s at Christmas.”

It’s impressive that the story could be written this quickly, and a Christmas story no less. It mioght be the musical the world needs right now.

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