Jamal Murray hit coolest shot of NBA Playoffs and got face-to-face with Kevin Harlan to celebrate

Rumors of the Nuggets demise were greatly exaggerated, and on Sunday night Denver went off to even their series against the Timberwolves and turn it into a best-of-three.

The best moment from the Nuggets’ 115-to-107 win wasn’t Nikola Jokic’s MVP-worthy game, or Aaron Gordon ascending to another plane where he couldn’t miss a shot — but a sequence at the close of the first half featuring Jamal Murray, which is truly destined to be iconic.

Denver scored five points in 9.2 seconds, first off a steal and a Michael Porter Jr. breakaway — then off the inbounds where Murray intercepted the pass and lofted up a half-court prayer that was as clean as anything we’ve seen in these playoffs.

Capping it all off was Murray walking to the announce desk and getting within inches of Kevin Harlan, so he could appreciate the TV call of his handiwork.

The whole sequence was just clean as hell. Nothing has been this effortlessly cool while requiring so much effort. It had a pretty major psychological effect too, and the Nuggets told the Wolves they were feeling it — forcing Minnesota to respond.

Obviously Anthony Edwards and co. fell short, but he’s loving the back-and-forth energy with Denver.

One thing is certain: The next two games of this series will be can’t-miss TV.

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