Misfits continues journey from esports, launching game studio

Misfits Gaming Ventures is doubling down on its shift in strategy away from esports and into game development, launching Misfits Interactive. While details on the new game studio’s projects have not been released, the team plans to develop brand new IP on existing UGC platforms.

“As we embark on this ambitious journey, our mission at Misfits takes on a renewed focus: to enhance the realm of play through the creation of unparalleled, captivating gaming experiences that resonate far beyond the screen and directly into the hearts of players across the globe,” said Ben Spoont, CEO of Misfits Gaming. “We call this ‘POWERED BY PLAY,’ and that encapsulates our core belief in the unifying and inspirational force of gaming.”

The launch of Misfits Interactive coincides with the anniversary of the group launching its creator-led Roblox studio, Pixel Playground. Since launching a year ago, the Roblox studio cofounded by Misfits, Karl Jacobs and Kreekcraft has earned over 250 million on-platform views. Moreover, the company sold out three live shows across the U.S., promoting its creator talent and games.

Giving creators a voice in game development

Misfits has appointed Chris Casanova as its Head of Interactive, leading the former esports team’s new studio. Prior to joining Misfits in 2023, Casanova worked at a number of triple-A studios including Xbox, Mojang and Sega. In addition to Casanova, Misfits Interactive has over 20 developers working on both its UGC experiences and its original games.

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“What really enticed me about [joining Misfits] is there’s an opportunity to build a team and run them in a way that can be revolutionary for both the organization and the industry itself. I can take what I’ve learned from some of the biggest players in the industry and build a team that can make games they love as quickly as possible. I think I can leave a legacy here,” said Casanova.

Misfits Interactive will give the team’s signed talent more ways to build their brands through its games. Casanova told GamesBeat that the degree to which Misfits was integrating its communities and creators into the game design process was one of the reasons why he joined.

For now, the team plans to focus on building more experiences for UGC platforms — particularly Roblox and Minecraft — and elevating them with triple-A acumen. Ultimately, the team hopes to create experiences that can appeal to fans as they mature.

“What’s been really incredible about the Misfits journey is starting in esports was incredible for the for the organization. They were successful and learned a lot about the gaming industry. Our CEO Ben [Spoont] has been amazing at navigating some tumultuous waters,” said Casanova. “We truly believe that we can spark joy and connection through the magic of play. We’re really excited to build games in our unique way that incorporates our community, influencers and potentially brand partners.”

Currently, Misfits Interactive is building two games set to release this summer with others set to follow.

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