Must Read: The top 5 CosmeticsDesign articles of Q2 2024

Must Read The top 5 CosmeticsDesign articles of Q2 2024

#5: Revolutionizing beauty: How longevity science is transforming skin care​

In this exclusive CosmeticsDesign Q&A, Eleonora Mazzilli, Trend Localization & Business Development Director for North America at global beauty insight platform BEAUTYSTREAMS discussed how advances in longevity science are revolutionizing skincare.

Key discussion points in the article included the integration of cutting-edge research on aging, such as stem cell therapy and gene editing, into skin care products. This shift focuses on enhancing overall skin health and vitality rather than just combating visible aging.

Additionally, Mazzilli shared how ingredients inspired by “Blue Zones,” areas known for the longevity of their populations, are gaining popularity. The trend promotes a holistic approach to aging gracefully, emphasizing preventive care and the use of innovative, science-backed ingredients.

#4: Three takeaways from In-Cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris​

In this article, CosmeticsDesign provided an in-depth review of key insights from the April In-Cosmetics Global 2024 event in Paris, which showcased significant trends in the cosmetics industry. The article first detailed a noticeable shift towards naturally derived ingredients, emphasizing ethical and sustainable sourcing like upcycled materials and biodegradable powders.

Secondly, the article shared how companies are focusing on the efficacy of ingredients, ensuring products are scientifically validated and certified by third parties to build consumer trust. Lastly, we reported that there is a growing integration of holistic wellness into skin care, with a focus on ingredients and practices that enhance overall well-being, such as those supporting sleep science and longevity.

#3: Is sunscreen safe? Study tests zinc oxide for skin penetration​

This CosmeticsDesign article covered a recent study from the scientific journal Cosmetics​, which tested the safety of zinc oxide in sunscreens, focusing on whether the nanoparticles penetrate the skin. The study found that both coated and uncoated zinc oxide nanoparticles did not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

In the study, coated zinc oxide accumulated in skin furrows and hair follicles but was not found inside skin cells, suggesting it does not reach the viable epidermis. Despite these findings, the study recommended further research on long-term use and its potential effects.

#2: 72% of US male consumers between 18 and 34 use makeup, says Mintel survey​

A Mintel survey revealed that 72% of US male consumers aged 18-34 now use makeup, reflecting a significant shift in the cosmetics industry, as reported in this CosmeticsDesign article. We spoke to Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel as she explained how this change is driven by evolving attitudes towards masculinity, increased social media influence, and a focus on holistic wellness.

According to Kitzmiller and Mintel’s report, men are moving beyond basic grooming to embrace products like facial powder, concealers, and bronzers for a healthy appearance. This trend highlights a broader acceptance of diverse identities and self-expression through beauty and personal care products.

#1: Unlocking beauty’s future: Insights from Spate’s “New Rules of Beauty”​

Spate’s “New Rules of Beauty” presentation at the CEW’s “State of the Beauty Industry” event outlined the latest trends in the beauty industry. In this CosmeticsDesign article, we spoke to Yarden Horwtiz, Co-Founder at Spate, for her key insights including the importance of natural-looking synthetic ingredients, evolving aesthetics, refining trends to stay relevant, and the rise of mini products.

As Horwtiz explained, consumers are increasingly sophisticated, seeking transparency and unique packaging. There’s a resurgence in K-beauty, and while ingredient trends remain steady, packaging and product experience are becoming more influential, she detailed. Additionally, holistic skin health and beauty trends that mimic healthy lifestyles are also on the rise.

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