My ArchiSchool presents ten architecture student projects

Dezeen School Shows: a floating wooden structure designed to aid people during flooding is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at My ArchiSchool.

Also included is a multi-purpose space made of brick that intends to aid mental health and a wooden home that can withstand fire.

Institution: My ArchiSchool
School: My ArchiSchool
Courses: Architectural Design Program 1.0
Tutors: Alice Cheung

School statement:

My ArchiSchool provides an introduction to architectural education and digital design for those seeking knowledge and skills to aid their future career aspirations.

“The Hong Kong-based organisation offers in-person and online courses to help young people develop 3D modelling skills that can be applied to future careers in architecture and urban planning.

“Geared towards children and teenagers between the ages of six and 18 – the various stages of tuition start at beginner level and progress to cover a range of tools, interfaces and outputs.

“A variety of program packages are offered to those wishing to develop a wide range of skills over several sessions.

“These include writing and portfolio development, while the most comprehensive package concludes with an exhibition of student work after eight months of study.”

Visualisation of an architectural structure in colours of silver and dark blue, against a blue background with breaking waves.

An Instant Home Design by Albus Oscar Chung

“Chung designed this small home for people who need protection and care from incoming dangers from the rising sea level – he named it Titan Opus, and it symbolises a guardian protecting humankind.

This building design was composed of a central building with upward-curved wave breakers – when the waves hit the shorelines, it will serve as a protective barrier for people and animals from being washed away.

“One of the features of this instant home is fully natural lighting – sun rays shine through different layers of glass to produce ‘hope’ from mother nature.

“The form design of this tower is inspired by the carrier flower.

“‘Chung was inspired by the structures of its petals, which are elongated, and this form was adopted for creating the central building.'”

Student: Albus Oscar Chung
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0
Email: oscarchungbk[at]

A visualisation of an architectural structure in orange and green tones.

Architectural Design Program 1.0 by Serafina Luk

“This is an instant home, made for families living in Hong Kong’s public housing.

“This structure contrasts with public housing.

“It is spacious and has five rooms, each serving a specific function, with the structure inspired by the shape of a Venus flytrap.

“The analogy that Serafina implemented is that humans (the bugs) are attracted to the structure (the Venus flytrap), and go inside it and don’t leave it (as it appears to be interesting and attractive).

“The roof mimics the mouth of the Venus flytrap.”

Student: Serafina Luk
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

A visualisation of an architectural structure in a white, translucent colour, against a backdrop of beige tones with a brick house and people.

An Instant Home Design by Alexander Zhang Yong

“In light of the overcrowded urban space in Hong Kong, Zhang designed this instant home for homeless individuals.

“Due to having too many residents and too few homes, some people become homeless; the whole reason for this design is to provide a solution of fast buildable homes for people in need.

“He took the inspiration from sunflowers – the shape of layered petals was adopted to create small rooms in this design.

“This design could also serve as temporary accommodation for victims who lost their homes during typhoons or other disasters, as it can be built quickly.”

Student: Alexander Zhang Yong
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

A visualisation of an architectural structure in blue tones, situated in white snow covered mountains.

An Instant Home design by Lynne Lee

“Lee’s Axolotl Instant Home is typically designed for snowstorms in the mountains – it is designed in such a way that snow slides down the roof without burying the building.

“The building’s side prevents snow from falling continuously on the roof.

“The Axolotl Instant Home is mainly made of wood and glass which can withstand cold temperatures.

“These materials are durable and there are multiple rooms inside for different groups of people.

“There is also a hot spring to keep people warm in the cold, as well as a heated semi-indoor swimming pool and garden.”

Student: Lynne Lee
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Visualisation of architectural structures in hexagonal shapes and tones of brown, pink, yellow, green, blue and orange, amongst a woodland area with white water vapour covering it.

An Instant Home Design by Gabriella Ng

“Ng designed this instant home for families who are in jeopardy – she would like to bring them hope.

“This house is resilient against a devastating tsunami – it is made from strong wood to drive away the water and contains all necessities.

“In order to allow water to drain off, the roof is slightly slanted, and if necessary it can even be folded.”

Student: Gabriella Ng
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Visualisation of a beige wooden architectural structure, amongst a grey coloured scene of a ruined building and rubble.

An Instant Home by Jack Lee

“‘My project was inspired by turtle shells, as they use their shells as their homes.”

“I envision that people could use this turtle house as a basis for a self-sustainable food source to fight against hunger.”

Student: Jack Lee
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Visualisation of a beige wooden building amongst a fire.

An Instant Home Design by Marvin Wu

“This structure is designed to withstand fire and any falling objects that may come into contact with the indestructible house.

“Families may live in peace in the middle of nature without having to worry about fires or other tragedies as all the wooden materials here are fireproof.

“This house also protects vulnerable people and children against deadly attacks by people as well as the wrath of nature.”

Student: Marvin Wu
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Visualisation of an architectural structure in tones of pink and blue amongst waste rubble in colours of brown and grey.

An Instant Home Design by Anne Lee

“Underwater life is wonderful because you can explore and discover sea creatures.

“I designed this house in the shape of a dolphin tail since the dolphin is my favourite ocean animal.

“The ocean has been heavily polluted by plastics and similar things – I would like to promote public awareness about protecting lives underwater through this instant home design.”

Student: Anne Lee
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

Visualisation of a building in tones of brown and orange, against a blue sky and on white ground, with two trees in front of it either side.

24/7 Depression Free Area by Kona Hung

“Hong Kong needs to breathe – Hong Kongers need to breathe.”

“I created this depression-free area as a large, long-term building intending to provide anyone a moment of peace and relaxation.

“Wood and brick were used as the main materials, which make the area feel natural.

“Multi-purpose common spaces contain clusters of sofas, pantries and writing desks for users.

“‘I want to convert a depressing narrow space into somewhere that can provide a sense of safety and security.”

Student: Kona Hung
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

A visualisation of an architectural structure in grey tones, amongst water and buildings in dull colours.

An Instant Home by Alfred Fong

“Fong took the inspiration from snowflakes.

“The project presents a cluster of small shelters on a floating platform, which serve to rescue people when flooding happens.

“People can climb on and they can stay there until the water level lowers.

“The whole platform is made of wood which floats easily – as the frequency of flooding increases, there are a lot of remote areas where rescue teams are not available immediately.

“This design was made to support the rescue actions by providing immediate shelters.”

Student: Alfred Fong
Course: Architectural Design Program 1.0

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