Nailboo expands to 2,200 Walmart stores: a milestone in 'democratizing salon-quality nail care'

Nailboo expands to 2 200 Walmart stores a milestone in democratizing salon quality nail care

As CosmeticsDesign reported​ last year, artificial nails are outpacing traditional nail polish and continue to perform well with consumers following the COIVD-19 pandemic and return to retail. DIY dip and gel nail brand Nailboo exemplifies the successful and enduring adoption of this consumer trend – as reported by the company, Nailboo “has amassed over 1M customers since its launch in 2018 and is already No. 5 nail care brand in 2,700 Sally Beauty stores – leaving heritage nail brands behind.”

Last week, the brand announced it is expanding into 2,200 Walmart stores nationwide, a move that parent company Underlining hopes will act as a “catalyst for amplifying Nailboo’s commitment to democratizing salon quality nail care to all consumers” across the US.

We spoke to Raz Romanescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Underlining for his thoughts and insights on the brand’s Walmart expansion.

Nailboo’s strategic retail partnership with Walmart

Regarding the brand’s choice in Walmart to support the retail expansion, Romanescu explained that “Walmart is a great partner and we share the same core values.” He further added that “Nailboo’s goal is to provide salon quality nail products to the masses at great prices,” and that Walmart is aligned with Nailboo in that “all retail partners we partner with subscribe to the same beliefs.”

To meet the demands of increased supply that the retail expansion is expected to bring, Underlining has ensured that “our manufacturing partners are some of the best in the industry,” Romanescu said, adding that “our COO works closely alongside our manufacturing partners to forecast and maintain quality and schedule.”

Further, he continued, when selecting manufacturers and suppliers for its products, the brand “prioritizes product quality, consistency, transparency, accountability, flexibility, and speed” to market to ensure a seamless supply chain. Additionally, “Nailboo does manufacturing audits, product testing and also most retailers require certification and certain assurances of product quality and ingredients” to further ensure consistency in product quality. With this strategy has brought the brand successful results thus far, he also clarified that “we are always on the lookout for anything that can elevate our product quality, innovation and customer experience.”

Next steps in Nailboo’s growth journey

While “expanding into retail is not always a walk in the park,” Romanescu concluded, the brand is looking forward to the Walmart expansion and anticipating a positive reception to the increased brand presence and product accessibility to consumers. Moving forward, “Nailboo plans to continuously innovate and expand our product assortment to be able to cover all bases in the nail care industry,” he shared, and “our plan for Nailboo is to be available for purchase wherever the customer has the easiest time finding us,” which means “we plan to expand into other retailers.”                                                                                             

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