New blockchain-based game Haliens introduces revolutionary player ownership mechanics

Richard Robledo, former senior producer of Pokemon GO, appointed CEO and Game Director

(IRVINE, CA, May 13, 2024) Southern California-based game studio GamePin announced today the development of a new blockchain-based mobile game and IP, Haliens, which aims to take profit-sharing to the next level. Not only do Haliens NFT owners who purchase in-game items receive a cut of those profits, GamePin is also planning to share in the profits made from the sale of Haliens data.

“Very little is spoken about how large game companies are taking in enormous profits by selling game data. Any profits from the sale of Haliens game data by GamePin will qualify for the profit-sharing program for our owners,” said Richard Robledo, CEO and game director of GamePin. “We are risk-takers who want to eliminate outdated business practices. I’m extremely excited to announce what we believe will cause others to follow in our footsteps, as we strive to literally change the game for Haliens owners by putting money back in their pockets.”

The studio views Haliens owners as extended members of the game development team, Robledo added. Owners of Halien NFTs, which will be hosted on Red Leopard, a platform that accepts Paypal and has no mining fees, will get development updates, access to mentorship from team members, exclusive merchandise and invitations to team events, and be brought on as early testers. Plus, GamePin will be releasing job postings to fill open roles on the development team, based in Southern California.

Robledo emphasizes that Red Leopard and blockchain will be used for NFT ownership verification. There will be no token drop and no tokens have been sold to investors. Rather, this is, first and foremost, about the players.

“We want to create an engaged community of owners who are treated as extended development team members,” Robledo explained. “Not only do we offer exclusive real-world and virtual items, we want to offer industry insights on hot industry topics, from AI and Web3 to the job market and more. We’ll talk to them about how to get into the game industry, what conferences to attend, provide access to exclusive Discord channels, including our job board, with leads and job-hunting advice, the “Ask a Dev” channel and more.”

The studio plans to release Haliens Q3, 2025, on iOS and Android.

The Haliens experience


An open world adventure that’s free to play (with in-app purchases), the game’s story centers on a family of half-human half-alien characters in search of a lost family member on Earth. Players assist in the search and in return, the Haliens provide them with the ability to recreate the flora, fauna, climate and structures from their home planet to populate the game’s persistent environment.

“Haliens’ core game mechanic is discovering and simulating sustainable ecosystems from Halienos, the alien planet,” Robledos explained. “For example, a player can recreate an alien pet from Halienos, and then discover how that pet can be used to help trees and plant life spread their seeds across the game environment. This mechanic scales wonderfully, as players will find that some ecosystems have numerous chains that must be discovered in order to achieve sustainability.”

How AI is changing the game (and game industry)

The studio utilizes proprietary blockchain and AI technology to build its core gameplay systems and features, with the goal of elevating the quality and scale of production, Robledo added.

“I believe AI holds the opportunity to discover new production methodologies empowering dev teams to build titles with larger and more complex game architecture and systems to support increased content within games,” Robledo said. “More importantly, the integration of AI tech into game features will result in the ability to unlock new game mechanics and even genres, while enhancing familiar game design concepts for the benefit of players.”

Haliens is available on

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About GamePin

Founded in Washington State in 2022, GamePin is an innovative game development company operating out of Irvine, California. Comprised of diverse and humble industry veterans, GamePin integrates cutting-edge web3 and AI technology into both game development processes and gameplay features to create fun and engaging mobile and PC titles for all ages. GamePin is known for “Haliens”, an original IP, which introduces a one-of-a-kind business model that offers profit-sharing for its players who have acquired Halien NFTs from the Red Leopard platform. Visit for more information.

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