Pandiana Launches $PNDA Memecoin Token Presale On Solana

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, July 4th, 2024]

Pandiana, a Solana meme infused play-to-earn gaming has launched it’s much anticipated presale for $PNDA tokens, this announcement comes right after the team announced the raise of $500,000 in a pre-seed raise.

The $PNDA token presale is set to begin today 4th of July 2024, marking a significant opportunity for Solana cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors to become part of an innovative and engaging gaming ecosystem.

A Dive Into Meme Infused Play-to-Earn Gaming

Pandiana is designed to elevate the traditional meme coin market by integrating captivating gameplay elements with blockchain technology. The Pandiana team is developing a thrilling play-to-earn game set within a vibrant panda-themed world, offering players not only entertainment but also opportunities to earn through gameplay.

The $PNDA token is central to this ecosystem, designed for various utilities such as purchasing in-game items, staking for rewards, and participating in governance decisions.

$PNDA Presale Details

The presale event allows early participants to acquire $PNDA tokens before they are listed on exchanges.

Information for potential investors:

Presale Start Date: 4th July 2024

Token Allocation: 40% of the total $PNDA supply will be available during the presale

Presale Price: 1 SOL = 400 $PNDA

Presale Limits: Minimum of 1 SOL and maximum of 100 SOL per investor

Join Presale: Participants can join the presale by visiting

According to Pandiana, 25% of the raised $PNDA tokens will be paired with $SOL and used to supply liquidity on Raydium at a 50% higher rate than presale rate.

Users can stay updated by joining the growing and vibrant Pandiana community on Telegram and Discord.

Raised Funds Allocation Strategy

The raised funds will be strategically allocated to enhance the development and growth of the Pandiana platform and also expanding marketing efforts to increase user adoption and community engagement.

To join the $PNDA presale:

Alternatively, users can also check this guide on how to buy $PNDA tokens.

About Pandiana

Pandiana is a pioneering meme-based play-to-earn gaming project on the Solana blockchain.

By combining the excitement of meme culture with the potential profitability and engagement of a blockchain game, Pandiana aims to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience that rewards its players.

The Pandiana Community

Pandiana is committed to building a robust and vibrant community around its Solana based meme infused play-to-earn platform.





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