Panigiri dining system by Extremis

Dezeen Showroom: Belgian furniture brand Extremis has created a modular outdoor dining system called Panigiri, which is designed to comfortably accommodate people via a range of seating options.

Designed by Extremis founder Dirk Wynants, the Panigiri dining system is based around a long table with either attached bench seating or open space for chairs.

Panigiri dining system by ExtremisPanigiri dining system by Extremis
The Panigiri dining system offers either segmented bench seating or space for chairs

The benches are divided so that each seating spot can be easily accessed, without the need to clamber over it, and there is an optional add-on called the Bring Your Own Seat (BYOS) that hooks onto the benches to create a more supportive, chair-like sitting experience with a backrest.

Named after the Greek words “pan” and “giri”, meaning “all” and “gathering”, the furniture was designed to facilitate communal dining and can be specified in any desired length capable of seating any number of people.

Panigiri dining system by ExtremisPanigiri dining system by Extremis
There is an optional seat add-on with a backrest that hooks onto the benches for added comfort

The system comes in three iterations – Panigiri Picnic features a picnic-table-style setup with bench seating, while the Panigiri Table has no built-in seating and is designed to be used in conjunction with supplementary chairs. The Panigiri Combo marries elements of both of these formats.

Made from steel and ash wood, the furniture is built for longevity, and Extremis made use of excess wood from other collections to minimise its environmental impact.

Product details:

Product: Panigiri
Designer: Dirk Wynants
Brand: Extremis
Contact: [email protected]

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