Patagonia Original "Extra" surface by Antolini

Dezeen Showroom: a look reminiscent of dramatic landscapes is created by Italian company Antolini’s Patagonia Original “Extra” surface, which consists of specially processed natural minerals.

Part of the stone producer’s Exclusive Collection, the Patagonia Original “Extra” surface combines three natural minerals – quartz, feldspar and black tourmaline.

Patagonia Original "Extra" surfaces by Antolini
Antolini’s Patagonia Original “Extra” surface creates a dramatic look

Each mineral brings its own strong character, combining to create an effect similar to a harsh topography.

“The wide colour spots remind of giant islands in a wild archipelago, while its earthy tones tell us of steppe winds lashing over a land inhabited by giants,” said Antolini.

Patagonia Original "Extra" surfaces by Antolini
The surface is a combination of three natural minerals

The company recommends the Patagonia Original “Extra” surface be paired with its Hard Rock Finish, which enhances the rocky effect and makes the minerals look even more like a mountain trail or lunar surface.

Each of three minerals react differently to the processing method, adding to the variation in the surface and the uniqueness of the overall look.

Product details:

Product: Patagonia Original “Extra”
Brand: Antolini
Contact: [email protected]

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