Perfect Corp. debuts AI tool for precision hair type analysis and custom care recommendations

Perfect Corp. debuts AI tool for precision hair type analysis and custom care recommendations

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech provider and developer Perfect Corp. has announced its latest AI innovation for the hair care industry. The company’s AI Hair Type Analysis technology “utilizes advanced AI to identify hair texture, thickness, and curl patterns…recognizing up to 10 distinct curl patterns and shapes, ranging from straight to extremely coily,” and “the tool offers users insight into their hair type by placing them in one of nine ranges,” according to the Perfect Corp.’s press announcement. 

The innovative tech offers hair care brands and retailers the ability to provide consumers with “an enhanced and customized shopping experience,” the release continued, by offering consumers “highly precise and consistent results along with personalized recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique hair type,” which can “alleviate a major pain point in the hair care consumer journey by streamlining the interaction between hair care brands and their customers, while also boosting consumer confidence through precise insights into their hair characteristics.” 

To gain greater insight into the AI Hair Type Analysis technology, including understanding what sets the AI tool apart from traditional hair typing methods, the R&D behind the tool’s launch, and the role the tool plays in the wider industry trend of product personalization, CosmeticsDesign interviewed Alice Chang, Founder & CEO of Perfect Corp.

CDU: Can you elaborate on how Perfect Corp.’s AI Hair Type Analysis technology works and what sets it apart from traditional methods of identifying hair types? 

Alice Chang (AC)​: Just like with skin types, there’s a formulaic way to identify and categorize different types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Within each group, hair is defined even more specifically according to three types of density. While this system is still widely used in the beauty world today, consumers often have to rely on educated guesses to determine their hair types and products that suit their hair needs.   

Perfect’s AI Hair Type Analysis removes the guesswork and uses cutting-edge technology to instantly determine a person’s unique hair type. Using a front-facing camera, consumers simply scan images of their hair from a few different angles and seconds later receive an analysis of their hair type. Haircare brands and retailers can then use this information to recommend hyper-personalized products and haircare regimens based on the results. 

Other methods of identifying hair types rely on visual cues or interactive quizzes, which have room for error. Our technology, on the other hand, uses artificial intelligence to determine a person’s hair type with certainty. The AI Hair Type Analysis is capable of identifying up to nine ranges from 10 distinct curl patterns and shapes, ranging from straight to extremely coily, and offering comprehensive information on various hair types. What’s more, our technology is designed to cater to consumers with multiple hair textures. By examining different sections of hair, the analysis offers nuanced insights beyond categorizations, accounting for a spectrum from wavy to coily and everything in between.  

CDU: How does Perfect Corp.’s AI Hair Type Analysis technology benefit both customers and hair care brands or retailers? 

AC​: Both consumers and brands can benefit considerably from using our AI Hair Type Analysis. Consumers often struggle to understand their hair types, textures, and specific hair care needs — and often wind up spending money on products that don’t meet their needs. This not only disappoints the customer, but also erodes their relationship with brands. By using our technology, consumers can receive a comprehensive, precise analysis of their hair type, and tailored product recommendations to help optimize their hair care routines — resulting in a happier customer and healthier hair. 

For brands, the technology equips them to deliver a better, more personalized customer experience that fosters brand loyalty and boosts spend. Consumers are increasingly expecting customized product recommendations that address their unique needs and the AI hair type analysis enables brands to provide this experience for haircare — leading to increased purchasing confidence and cart conversion, while minimizing returns. 

CDU: Could you explain how the AI Hair Type Analysis solution can accurately identify up to 10 distinct curl patterns and shapes within seconds? 

AC​: The AI Hair Type Analysis technology utilizes advanced algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify up to nine ranges from 10 distinct curl patterns and shapes within seconds. The process involves capturing images of the user’s hair from three different angles – left and right sides, as well as the front – to provide a comprehensive scan of their hair types.

By employing a dataset comprising 10 different hair types, the AI employs sophisticated calculations to discern the specific hair range from the user’s images. Through this methodical approach, the AI ensures precise detection of the user’s hair range, making it a valuable tool for understanding diverse hair textures. 

CDU: What led to the development of this AI-powered Hair Analysis solution, and what challenges did the team face during its creation? 

AC​: Perfect is continuously creating new technologies that address fundamental pain points within beauty. We recognized that consumers wanted to better understand their hair types and ideal regimens, but often had trouble using systems that rely on self-identification. 

We saw strong success with our AI skin analysis technology, which instantly analyzes a customer’s skin and provides product recommendations, and realized we could create a similar technology for hair. Consumers want to understand themselves and their individual needs in a functional and non-invasive way, and our AI hair analysis technology allows them to do that.  

One significant challenge we encountered while developing our AI Hair Type Analysis solution was realizing that people’s hair curl patterns often consist of at least two combined hair textures, so providing a single hair texture as a result wasn’t sufficient to reflect the user’s unique hair composition.

To address this, we adjusted our AI computation to show a range between two hair types, accurately reflecting this mix of textures. This approach, confirmed through thorough testing, ensures our analysis results match the diverse range of hair patterns, providing precise & consistent results, along with personalized recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique hair type. 

CDU: How do you envision this technology revolutionizing the hair care retail industry, particularly in terms of enhancing customer experiences and boosting sales? 

AC​: AI technology is ushering in a new era of personalization within beauty. Over the last few years, consumers have increasingly sought out beauty recommendations that are tailored to their unique and individual needs. AI technology, including our hair analysis tool, has the power to accelerate a brand’s ability to create a truly personalized experience and match consumers with the best products for their preferences, needs, and goals.

In turn, this personalized experience will help brands establish stronger, more meaningful, and more fruitful relationships with their customers. 

CDU: In what ways does Perfect Corp. plan to integrate the AI Hair Type Analysis technology across various touchpoints, such as online and in-store experiences? 

AC​: Any brand, retailer, or even salon can incorporate our technology into their e-commerce or in-person experience. They can integrate the AI Hair Type Analysis within their own website or app, or provide the experience via in-store technology such as a tablet.  

CDU: How does personalization play a crucial role in today’s beauty industry, and how does Perfect Corp.’s AI Hair Type Analysis technology contribute to this trend? 

AC​: Beauty is a massive industry that is growing exponentially. According to eMarketer, the cosmetics and beauty sector was the fastest growing US retail category last year, with consumer spend reaching $94.36B. As consumers continue to invest in beauty, wellness and self care, the huge amount of choice that comes with a saturated market and influencer noise often creates decision paralysis in consumers.  

That’s where personalization comes in. Consumers no longer wish to be flooded with endless options. Instead, they want a buyer’s journey that caters to their specific needs. In fact, a recent study​ found that 75% of shoppers would pay more for beauty and skincare products if they got personalized online shopping experiences. Personalization helps brands meet consumer expectations by creating a customized journey that identifies, markets, and sells the right product to the right consumer.  

AI  technology is playing a crucial role in enabling and accelerating the personalized consumer journey. By evaluating each consumer’s unique traits, AI can match them with corresponding products that best fit their needs and desired outcomes.      

Perfect’s AI Hair Type Analysis contributes to this trend by bringing this level of personalization to hair care. By accurately identifying each consumer’s specific hair type, brands are better equipped to deliver highly-tailored, relevant recommendations for hair care products and routines. This level of personalization increases the chances of customer satisfaction, and sets the stage for repeat visits and continued brand loyalty. 

CDU: Can you share any success stories or case studies where brands have implemented Perfect Corp.’s AI Hair Type Analysis technology and experienced notable improvements in customer engagement or sales? 

AC​: Because we launched AI Hair Type Analysis very recently, we have yet to publish any case studies about brands using this particular technology. However, we look forward to helping hair care brands and retailers implement this technology to make their customers’ shopping experiences more efficient and enjoyable.

We have partnered with over 600 beauty brands and retailers globally to deploy virtual try-on and AI skin analysis technology, and have observed remarkable results, including increased sales conversion and digital engagement. We are certain that our AI hair analysis technology will drive equally impressive results for haircare brands and retailers.  

CDU: What measures are in place to ensure that the AI Hair Type Analysis technology respects user privacy and data security? 

AC​: For all Perfect Corp. technologies and solutions, no user data, including photos or biometrics, is saved, and all computing is done within the user’s phone. 

CDU: Looking ahead, what additional developments or advancements can we expect from Perfect Corp. in the field of AI-driven beauty and fashion technology? 

AC​: Looking ahead, Perfect will be focused on developing new technologies leveraging AI, AR, and generative AI that solve consumer pain points and create more engaging and personalized shopping experiences for consumers. Enhancing the beauty shopping experience has always been central to our mission, and providing consumers with the tools to make their lives more beautiful is an essential part of this goal.  

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