Praise pours in across the paddock for Lando Norris

MIAMI — Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium was one of those rare days in any sport, not just Formula 1.

A day where the vanquished praised the victor, and with good reason.

Lando Norris finally reached the top podium step, securing his inaugural F1 victory with a well-executed performance in the Miami Grand Prix. But as his rivals, some of whom were once teammates of his, spoke with the media following the race there was nothing but joy and happiness for the McLaren driver.

“I’m genuinely very happy for the kid,” said Daniel Ricciardo to the media, including SB Nation, following the Miami Grand Prix.

Ricciardo was teammates with Norris for two seasons at McLaren.

“You know, as a teammate, obviously you get to know them a little bit better. And obviously, I got to know Lando well and you have, like, a bit of a closer connection. So, obviously, we spent some time away from the track together. He actually came out to my farm in Australia this January. I’ve got to spend some time with him,” continued Ricciardo.

“I like the kid. You know, I think a lot of us felt it was a matter of time until he was able to have a day like this,” added Ricciardo. “But nothing’s guaranteed in the sport, you know, so happy that he did get to have a day like this, one that will forever be one of the greatest days of his life.”

Carlos Sainz Jr., another former teammate of Norris, also praised the McLaren driver when speaking with the media.

“I’m obviously happy for him,” started Sainz when speaking with the media, including SB Nation.

“I think we do know drivers we know who deserve to win races and who is driving at the level to win races. And we all know Lando has been driving to win races, and when he gets by anyone, we’re all happy for him,” added the Ferrari driver.

Praise also came in from seven-time Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton.

“I know Lando quite well, and got a decent relationship, and I know what it’s like to have your first Grand Prix and get that first Grand Prix win, how special it is. And so I could be happy for him,” said Hamilton to the media. “I really hope that he’s able to appreciate the moment and enjoy.

“Because it’s a big one.”

Even the driver Norris held off, Max Verstappen, sang the McLaren driver’s praises.

“I’m very happy for Lando, it’s been a long time coming and it’s not going to be his last one, so he definitely deserves it today,” said Verstappen following the Miami Grand Prix.

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