Rare ‘Epic Sat’ from Bitcoin’s Fourth Halving Block Sold for Over $2 Million

An “epic sat,” an extremely rare satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) from the network’s fourth halving block, was recently sold for over $2 million.

On April 25, the crypto mining pool ViaBTC successfully auctioned off “Sat 1,968,750,000,000,000” for 33.3 BTC, approximately $2.13 million, on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx Global.

ViaBTC’s Rare Satoshi Auctioned

CoinEx Global announced that its partner, the ViaBTC mining pool, successfully mined the 840,000th block. This milestone marked Bitcoin’s fourth halving and featured a block identified as an epic “Rare Satoshi.”

According to CoinEx, this event was not just a bidding event but part of Bitcoin’s blockchain history, showing the community’s acknowledgment, media coverage, and wider acceptance of the asset and the network.

This satoshi, known as an “epic sat,” garnere­d a lot of intere­st, with 34 bids before an unidentifie­d bidder secured owne­rship rights to the epic sat. The runner-up bidder made an offer of 20 Bitcoin for the rare sat but was outbid in the auction.

The Bitcoin network currently has 100 million satoshis (sats), with each worth around $0.00065. However, some sats are considered more special within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Only four ­of the ­first satoshis mine­d after a Bitcoin halving e­­vent are conside­re­d exceptionally rare and valuable­­. The Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, which assigns metadata to satoshis, has made ­the­se “epic sats” collectible­, resulting in them being highly sought afte­­r.

Bitcoin Struggles Following Fourth Halving

The fourth Bitcoin halving event on April 20 reduced mining rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. In addition to receiving 3.125 BTC in mining rewards, ViaBTC also earned 37.6256 BTC in reward fees, amounting to approximately $2,401,399.

Meanwhile, bitcoin’s price has been struggling post-halving. On Thursday morning, it dropped below $64,000. This price decline followed the liquidation of over $209 million in crypto-long positions as the market dipped overnight, with around $52 million in bitcoin-long positions getting wrecked. Comparatively, BTC had climbed as high as $73K before halving.

However, the top crypto by market cap has since seen some recovery. CoinGecko data shows Bitcoin is currently trading at around $64,386, up 0.2% over the last day.

Meanwhile, the next Bitcoin halving is projected to take place around April 17, 2028. With this one, the fifth “epic sat” will be associated with the first subsequent block, as mining rewards decrease to 1.56 BTC.

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