Seahawks added insult to Lions injury with blue ski mask selfie

The Detroit Lions made a big deal of ski masks this entire week. Stemming from S CJ Gardner-Johnson’s ‘Same Old Detroit’ moment on Instagram Live last week, the safety asked Lions fans to show up wearing ski masks.

Lions fans showed up in full force in masks, an incredibly cool moment. Gardner-Johnson showed up in his own black ski mask, kind of like The Riddler having his own special gear:

Fans came out en masse in ski masks, even getting I Think You Should Leave’s Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson in the masks.

Well, it looks like the Seahawks got the last laugh. After an epic 37-31 victory, Seahawks safety Jerrick Reed II somehow found a blue ski mask on the sideline or something, and immediately knew what he had to do.

This is the perfect level of shithousery that I love to see in the NFL. You can’t call yourself the villains then end up losing the way the Lions did, because now you open yourself up to trolling by the opposing team.

This should now become a thing in the NFL, the ski mask. You hold onto the ski mask until you lose, and then it travels to the next team that beat you. Something like The Mask, where it doesn’t just stick with you forever. You gotta earn the right to wear the ski mask, and this week, the Seahawks have it.

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