Storage system by Piero Lissoni for Porro

Dezeen Showroom: Italian architect Piero Lissoni has collaborated with furniture brand Porro to update its range of customisable clothes-storage systems.

The storage collection is available in several styles and combinations and was developed by Lissoni and Porro primarily for the creation of wardrobes and interiors for walk-in closets.

Walk-in wardrobe with a storage system by Piero Lissoni for Porro
Piero Lissoni and Porro have updated their customisable storage collection

According to Porro, the updates have been carried out to cater for “freedom of combination” and epitomise the brand’s dedication to customisable design.

Among the main updates is the option to mix and match material finishes of the storage systems, which Porro said were previously “strictly tone-on-tone”.

White-ash wardrobe doors
The hinged wardrobes are available with white ash wood doors

For example, the Storage Hinged Wardrobe has metal door frames originally paired exclusively with glass but is now available with new finishes including straw, fabric, leather and wood.

Meanwhile, the Boiserie and Walk-in Closet models have also been reimagined to include embedded lighting, illuminating storage and thus improving usability.

Product: Storage
Designer: Piero Lissoni
Brand: Porro
Contact: [email protected]

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