Tableau Gallery aims to "create a community" for designers and artists

Creative studio Tableau has opened a permanent gallery for its roster of designers in Copenhagen, Denmark, which launched during 3 Days of Design.

Located in a 300-square-metre space close to Copenhagen’s main shopping street Strøget, Tableau Gallery will showcase collectible design as well as “functional art”, the studio said.

Colourful shelf with flower on it
Above: designer Laurids Gallée’s colourful shelf was decorated with flowers. Top image: Maria Koshenkova’s glass installation filled one corner

Tableau showed works by 13 artists in the space, including pieces by designer Laurids Gallée, during annual festival 3 Days of Design.

“With our new creative direction we wish to create a community with the artists and designers we work with,” founder Julius Væernes Iversen told Dezeen.

Tableau Gallery interior in Copenhagen
Designer Rebecca Lajboschitz showed a textile sculpture

“It’s essential that we maintain diversity, both in terms of practice, materiality, methods and style, and we also strive to have a mix of very established artists, like Laurids Gallee, alongside young, upcoming talents,” he added.

The new space, which replaces a smaller gallery that Tableau had previously been located in, lets the studio show larger furniture pieces and functions as a more neutral background to the art.

Steel cut-out mirrors and flower-printed table
Forever Studio’s flower console stood under designs by Alyssa Megan Lewis

“The new gallery space offers different opportunities for the way we show functional art, and obviously it allows us to show very large pieces,” Iversen said.

We love how the space offers a more home-like feeling, being an old apartment building, which enables us to show how functional art and collectible design can be used in a private home,” he continued.

“At the same time, it feels more like a blank canvas compared to our previous spaces, as the space is more neutral in its expression.”

At the launch event in June, the works on show at Tableau Gallery included a marquetry shelf by Gallée, mirrors by Dutch-based Forever Studio and designer Alyssa Megan Lewis, a glassware installation by designer Maria Koshenkova and chunky furniture by designer Jacob Egeberg.

Tableau hopes that the new space will help to advance the collectible design movement.

Chair with flower on it by Jacob Egeberg
A chunky seat by designer Jacob Egeberg was shown at Tableau Gallery

“Most of the designers we work with have been part of Tableau for many years and it’s a priority to consistently nurture this community,” Iversen said.

Bespoke production of interior and scenography is at the core of the new functional art and collectible design movement and something we work hard to foster and advance.

Turquoise shelf
Gallée also designed a turquoise shelf on show at the gallery

Also on show at the gallery were works by designers Ali Gallefoss, Anton Hendrik Denys, Lino Gasparitch, Onno Adriaanse, Rebecca Lajboschitz, Sigurd Nis Schelde, Six Dots Design, Studio Josha and Willem Van Hooff.

Other exhibitions taking place during 3 Days of Design included A Calm Place, which showed equitable design and Enter the Salon, the home of a fictional poet.

The photography is by Tobias Hoffmann.

3 Days of Design took place in Copenhagen from 12 to 14 June. For more events, exhibitions and talks in architecture and design visit Dezeen Events Guide.

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