The Deshaun Watson trade is complete, and it has not gone well for the Browns

There is nothing like knowing everything, and at long last we know everything about a very certain thing.

It was two years ago when the Cleveland Browns decided that trading for quarterback Deshaun Watson was a good idea. Cleveland has made the playoffs one time in that span and saw its best quarterback play in it come from Joe Flacco. Note… he is not Deshaun Watson.

Incidentally, the Browns lost that playoff game to the team they acquired Watson from: the Houston Texans. Over the last two years, Nick Caserio has taken everything his team got in the Watson trade and turned it into hit after hit, and at long last we can look at the total and complete package of the deal.

Browns received:

  • Deshaun Watson
  • Texans’ 2024 fifth-round pick: Traded to Denver in the deal to acquire wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Texans received:

  • Browns’ 2022 first-round pick: Traded to the Philadelphia Eagles… Kenyon Green was ultimately their first-round pick and they also netted a fourth- and two fifth-round selections in the 2022 draft
  • Browns’ 2023 first-round pick: Traded to the Arizona Cardinals along with other picks for the pick that became Defensive Rookie of the Year Will Anderson
  • Browns’ 2023 third-round pick: Traded to the Los Angeles Rams to move up and draft Tank Dell
  • Browns’ 2024 first-round pick: Traded to the Minnesota Vikings along with their own seventh-round pick in exchange for a 2024 second- and sixth- this year and a second-round pick in 2025
  • Browns’ 2024 fourth-round pick

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