Trump Breaks Silence On Sister’s Death: Claims Her Life Was ‘Problem Free’ Before His Presidential Run


Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday made his first public comment on the death of his older sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who passed away Monday at the age of 86, though not before attacking prosecutors in multiple ongoing legal battles and promoting his book.

Key Facts

The former president confirmed his sister’s death in a post on his social media platform Truth Social, calling her a “truly beautiful woman, tall and elegant, with a presence like no other,” going on to laud her as a “tremendous student, intellect and Judge.”

Trump also claimed his older sister’s life had been “largely problem free” and “PERFECT” until he “made it difficult for her” by running for president in 2016.

Trump’s strained relationship with his older sister was made known in a set of audio files obtained by multiple outlets from Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, in 2020, in which Maryanne Trump Barry claimed Trump “doesn’t read” and said his presidency had triggered family problems that she said would not end “until he’s out of there.”

In his social media post Tuesday, Trump argued the “Fake News, and others, went after her mercilessly,” adding she was “made to suffer in those years from 2016 until her Retirement.”


Trump’s first public comments on his sister’s passing come one day after her death was reported, but after Trump posted a tirade against prosecutors in multiple ongoing cases against him, continuing his claims that accusations against him amount to a “witch hunt.” In a Truth Social post Tuesday morning, Trump argued New York’s Democratic attorney general—who brought a civil case against Trump over business fraud allegations—was “smirking all day long from her seat in Court, arguing the case against him is “RIGGED.” Trump also slammed prosecutors in federal cases over his alleged mishandling of classified White House documents as well as his alleged efforts to overturn the results of his 2020 presidential election loss. In a separate post Monday night, Trump called Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith, former DOJ official Andrew Weissmann and U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco a “team of losers and misfits,” saying they will end up “in a Mental Institution” due to “their suffering from a horrible disease, TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.” Trump also posted a link on Truth Social on Monday afternoon to a site where followers can buy signed copies of his book, “Letters to Trump.”

Key Background

Maryanne Trump Barry’s death leaves the former president and his other sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, as the last remaining siblings of their generation of the Trump family. Fred Trump Jr., the former president’s oldest sibling, died in 1981 from a heart attack reportedly induced by alcoholism, while his younger brother, Robert Trump, died in 2020 after suffering an undisclosed illness at the age of 71. Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, also died at her home in New York City last year. Maryanne Trump Barry served on the federal judiciary in New Jersey for more than three decades, from her appointment as a district judge in 1983 by former President Ronald Reagan until her retirement from a senior judge role four years ago. She was elevated to the Court of Appeals in 1993 during the Clinton administration. She stepped down in 2019 after facing questions over an alleged Trump family tax scheme, after the New York Times reported she benefitted from most of those schemes.

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