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Twitter postpones the $8 blue check verification plan to after the midterms

Twitter will delay the rollout of account verifications for its paid Twitter Blue subscription plan, according to a source who was informed. This decision is expected to take place after the midterm elections.

The platform’s decision to cancel the feature came one day after it launched an updated version of its iOS app. This will allow users who pay a monthly fee to receive a blue checkmark on their profiles. Musk, the CEO of the platform, suggested the feature as a way to combat spam.

Apple’s App store updated the app with the latest update. It stated that users will have to pay $7.99 monthly for Twitter Blue verification. This feature is similar to celebrities, companies, and politicians you follow. The check mark was used long ago to verify the authenticity of prominent figures, government officials, and journalists.

The service was tested on Saturday afternoon, indicating that the rollout wasn’t yet complete before Sunday’s decision. The check mark was not visible on a new Twitter account that had chosen the paid feature. Twitter still seemed to be charging $4.99 for the feature, which is an old price.

The public has reacted strongly to the decision to delay the rollout. Some celebrities on the platform took the role of Musk and exposed a flaw in the Blue Check system.

Sarah Silverman, a comedian, used her verified account for Musk to troll him, copying his profile picture and cover image, as well as his name. Only the @SarahKSilverman handle was able to distinguish a tweet from Silverman’s account.

Silverman tweeted Saturday, “I am a freedom-of-expression absolutist and I eat doody every morning.” She also retweeted posts in support of Democratic candidates.

Silverman’s account was marked as “temporarily limited” on Sunday. Visitors were shown a warning about “unusual activity” before they clicked through to the profile. Silverman then restored her account to her normal form with her image and name.

Valerie Bertinelli, a television actress, changed her Twitter account name to that of the CEO. She tweeted Friday that the blue checkmark meant that your identity had been verified. Scammers will have a harder job impersonating you. This no longer applies. Good luck to all!

After changing her profile name to Musk, Bertinelli tweeted and retweeted support for several Democratic candidates and hashtags, including “VoteBlueForDemocracy” and “#VoteBlueIn2022.”

The actress changed her name to Valerie Bertinelli on Sunday and tweeted, “[o]key–dokey I had my fun, and I think that I made my point.”

Musk tweeted Sunday that “Going Forward, any Twitter handle engaging in impersonation, without clearly specifying the ‘parody’, will be permanently suspended.” He also said that a name change will “cause temporary loss to verified checkmark.”

Musk also stated that Twitter users would no longer be notified before they are suspended. Musk tweeted that this would be marked as a condition of signing up for Twitter Blue.

This trolling activity follows Musk’s purchase of the company. He also pledged to restore the accounts of those users previously banned from the platform, including former President Donald Trump. Musk also stated that he would limit the company’s content restrictions, and require account verification via a paid subscription.

Musk shared conspiracy theories regarding the attack on Paul Pelosi in recent months. He called Democrats the party “of division & hate” and compared Twitter’s former CEO with Joseph Stalin. He also warned that the “woke mind virus” would destroy civilization.

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