Wacker Chemical Corp. acquires Bio Med Sciences to enhance existing silicones portfolio

Wacker Chemical Corp. acquires Bio Med Sciences to enhance existing silicones portfolio

Wacker Chemical Corporation (Wacker) has strengthened its position in the cosmetics and personal care sector with the recent acquisition of silicone coating technology and production assets from US-based company Bio Med Sciences Inc. This strategic decision aims to enhance Wacker’s existing silicones portfolio, providing innovative solutions and improved service to customers in the industry.

We spoke to Dr. Ian Moore, Vice President of BU Consumer at Wacker Chemical Corporation, and Richard King, Commercial Leader of Wacker Silicone Manufactured Innovations, who provided insights into the advantages and plans stemming from this acquisition.

Leveraging synergies for enhanced customer support

Bio Med Sciences, Inc.’s acquisition has introduced several strategic advantages for Wacker. For example, with the new assets, Wacker can offer comprehensive processing recommendations and technical services through Wacker Silicone Manufactured Innovations.

This move allows the company to support coaters and product designers better, enabling them to access new silicone adhesive-coated products through contract manufacturing. Dr. Moore shared, “This acquisition enhances our ability to support and collaborate with customers seeking innovative adhesive coating solutions in the healthcare, wellness, cosmetics, and personal care sectors.”

Innovative capabilities & technological developments

The integration of Bio Med Sciences, Inc.’s technological developments is expected to significantly enhance Wacker’s existing portfolio, particularly in silicone-coated personal care products, shared in the company’s press release. Dr. Moore added that the company’s “global center of excellence,” located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will play a crucial role in this transition, bringing technological advancements closer to the market.

Dr. Moore emphasized the unique attributes of Silpuran soft skin adhesive gel products, which are well-suited for applications in the personal care and cosmetics industry. These products offer benefits such as gentle removal without residue, repositionability, and reusability, making them suitable for sensitive skin applications.

Therefore, the acquisition enables Wacker to provide solvent-free, soft silicone gel skin adhesive products in customized and usable formats for skin contact applications.

Added benefits for existing customers

The acquisition is expected to enhance Wacker’s relationship with the cosmetics and personal care product industry further by enabling Wacker to collaborate more closely with its partners and address the growing demand for innovative skin-contact wellness products. “Our silicone fluids and emulsions are essential ingredients in the products that consumers purchase and use daily,” noted Dr. Moore.

“Now, our existing partners can work with Wacker Silicone Manufactured Innovations to meet the demand for new, skin-contact wellness products, particularly in rejuvenation and scar care,” he said.

Integration & product development

Wacker’s immediate focus is on ensuring a smooth integration of the new assets and team members. King also confirmed that new products are already in development, leveraging the strengths and advancements of Wacker’s existing portfolio and the newly acquired capabilities.

We are coordinating closely with our new team members to ensure a smooth transition into the Wacker family,” said King. “The early priority is on seamless transition and continued service to our existing customers,” he explained, and “we are already working on innovative new products utilizing Wacker Silpuran adhesives and advancements from our R&D center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

Positioning for future trends & challenges

Wacker is optimistic about the future of the cosmetics and personal care industry, particularly considering the recent acquisition of Bio Med Sciences, Inc. Dr. Moore pointed out that despite market uncertainties, investment in health and wellbeing tends to be more recession-proof than other areas.

Additionally, the increased demand for wearable patches in the beauty and wellness industries presents significant opportunities for Wacker’s silicone skin adhesive products. Silicone adhesives provide gentle release without residue and are non-irritating, making them ideal for wearable patches in these industries,” explained Dr. Moore. “We anticipate challenges, but the long-term outlook is positive,” he added.

Dr. Moore concluded, “we are focused on leveraging the synergies of Wacker and our new business to offer improved support for customers and position product innovations closer to solutions providers in the beauty and personal care sector.”             

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